Betwixt and Between FAQ

* We had almost no Spells turning up in our game, what’s up with that?
– Spells are one of the most common Discovery bonuses of Exploration Cards. Be sure to shuffle the cards thoroughly during setup and not mistake the small Spell Card symbol for a Water Element symbol (very common mistake). Spells can also be gained from the Lake Exploration Cards and from other Spells.  

* Can I activate a Spell during Spellbinding?
– No, spells are prepared during Spellbinding, and can only be activated on your Turn.
* Do I receive Victory Points for prepared Spells?
– Yes, you receive Victory Points for both activated and prepared Spells (but not Spells that’s still in your hand / not included in your Magic Weave)
* Can I mirror invert the Spell patterns in my Magic weave?
 – No, you may only rotate the pattern.
* Do the empty spaces of a Spell pattern need to be empty to prepare the Spell?
– No, the empty spaces of Spell patterns can be occupied by other Magic.
* Can you offer to the Rite more than once?
– Yes, you can participate in the Rite as many times you want, as long as you have the Magic for it .
* If my Mystic stands on an Exploration Card when I start my turn, can the Mystic perform the Action of the card? 
– No, your Mystic only activates Actions when moving upon an  Exploration card, so they do not trigger Actions of a card they start on.
* Can I use the Action of an Exploration Card by moving upon the space several times with my Mystic?
– No, you can only use the Action of an Exploration Card once per turn.
* Can I use Absorb Magic Cards in addition to my Absorb activation token?
– Yes, using Absorb Magic Cards are considered a free additional option.
* Can I use Absorb Magic Cards with my Familiar?
– Yes, you may Absorb with your Familiar (just like it was your Mystic) by using your Absorb activation token and/or an Absorb Magic Card.

* Can my Familiar use actions of Exploration Card when moving upon them?
– No, it may not.
* Can my Familiar move once per turn or once per round?
– Your Familiar can move once per Turn (the German translation is unfortunately incorrect) without using any Activation tokens.
* Can a Familiar enter Exploration Cards with stop symbols?
– No, just like your Mystic, your Familiar may not enter Exploration Cards with Stop symbols.
* Can an Exploration Card with a Destroy Action be used by multiple Mystics in the same round?
– No, the Exploration Cards with Destroy Actions can only be used once per round.