Betwixt and Between FAQ

* We had almost no Spells turning up in our game, what’s up with that?
– Spells are one of the most common Discovery bonuses of Exploration Cards. Be sure to shuffle the cards thoroughly during setup and not mistake the small Spell Card symbol for a Water Element symbol (very common mistake). Spells can also be gained from the Lake Exploration Cards and from other Spells.  

* Can I activate a Spell during Spellbinding?
– No, spells are prepared during Spellbinding, and can only be activated on your Turn.
* Do I receive Victory Points for prepared Spells?
– Yes, you receive Victory Points for both activated and prepared Spells (but not Spells that are still in your hand / haven’t been prepared and are not included in your Magic Weave)
* Can I mirror invert the Spell patterns in my Magic weave?
 – No, you may only rotate the pattern.
* Do the empty spaces of a Spell pattern need to be empty to prepare the Spell?
– No, the empty spaces of Spell patterns can be occupied by other Magic.
* Can I rearrange the Magic in my Magic Weave however I like?
– Yes, during Spellbinding you may rearrange the Magic however you like. But when your next turn starts, if you no longer have the pattern of a previously prepared spell on your Mystic Board, you have to discard the Spell Card.
* Can you offer Magic from your Magic Weave to the Rite?
– Yes, you can offer any of your Magic Gems, even Magic included in Spell patterns, to the Rite (following the rules of having to uphold the pattern of previously prepared spells once your next turn starts (explained above)). 
* Can you offer to the Rite more than once?
– Yes, you can participate in the Rite as many times you want, as long as you have the Magic for it
* If my Mystic stands on an Exploration Card when I start my turn, can the Mystic perform the Action of the card? 
– No, your Mystic only activates Actions when moving upon an  Exploration card, so they do not trigger Actions of a card they start on.
* Can I use the Action of an Exploration Card by moving upon the space several times with my Mystic?
– No, you can only use the Action of an Exploration Card once per turn.
* Can I use Absorb Magic Cards in addition to my Absorb activation token?
– Yes, using Absorb Magic Cards are considered a free additional option.
* Can I use Absorb Magic Cards with my Familiar?
– Yes, you may Absorb with your Familiar (just like it was your Mystic) by using your Absorb activation token and/or an Absorb Magic Card.
* Can my Familiar use actions of Exploration Card when moving upon them?
– No, it may not.
* Can my Familiar move once per turn or once per round?
– Your Familiar can move once per Turn (the German translation is unfortunately incorrect) without using any Activation tokens.
* Can a Familiar enter Exploration Cards with stop symbols?
– No, just like your Mystic, your Familiar may not enter Exploration Cards with Stop symbols.
* Can an Exploration Card with a Destroy Action be used by multiple Mystics in the same round?
– No, the Exploration Cards with Destroy Actions can only be used once per round.