Roll with the Punches: Production complete!

Dearest Dicetopians!

Production is finally complete for Roll with the Punches and all the new stretch goals and addons! I’ve just received the final versions, so I won’t waste any space with anymore text. Here we go! 😀

Roll with the Punches Expansion!

All the boxed content of the expansion!
The dice including the very cool new orange Magmacorium Dice!
The new green player color!
Rule sheets for English, German & French!
The new factions!
The Mission, Scenario, Blood Dome & Quick Guide Cards!
The tuck box for Mission Cards!
Works like a charm even with all cards sleeved!
The Wasteland Board and extra Faction Board!
Protection tokens & First player marker!
Protected die! Hands off 🙂

Overall, I’m really happy with the quality! Some things turned out even better than I imagined, like the tuck box and the tokens. If I were to nitpick, I would have liked slightly more vibrant colors for the wasteland board, and as expected, the back of the cards slightly differs from the core game (but that’s the reason for including the tuck box to draw cards from).

The Faction Board we got also wasn’t glued on properly,  but hopefully we were just unlucky with that particular piece, as this hasn’t been a widespread problem with the core game. The text on the Quick Guide Cards was also a bit hard to read without picking it up. It looked fine in the pdf, but in print it didn’t work as well which is a bit unfortunate, but no biggie.

The only real downer was something discovered on the french & german faction cards. There seems to be a very unfortunate layer-mixup with the neighbourhood summary text on them, with the text being in english. Extremely annoying, but the faction abilities did turn out right in all native languages, and players can easily grab one of the old faction cards if they need a summary of the neighbourhoods. Still, VERY frustrating to see a simple printing error like this slip past and I sincerely apologize to our german & french backers!

A nicer surprise though was that both the expansion board and the faction board has a slightly thicker bottom layer compared to the standard components, making them a bit sturdier without making them look out of place.

Ok, let’s take a look at the stretch goals!

Stretch Goals!

Stretch goals for Roll with the Punches! Dice bag, Co-Op Heist Pack, LED First Player Marker & Steve Promo Faction Card!
The Heist Pack that turns the game on its head, transforming it to a co-op!

Really happy with how the stretch goals turned out! The dice bag looks and feels great, the LED First Player Marker is just as over the top as I was hoping for (also works excellent as a coaster 🙂

And finally, here are the new addons!


All the new addons!
The big box next to its smaller sibling!
The back of big box!
New agents signing on!
The colorblind friendly solid dice!
Dice comparison!

The big box turned out really cool! I decided to go with a matte finish this time as the UV effect on the logo wouldn’t be noticeable with a shiny finish. I’m personally a sucker for glossy vibrant finishes, but it did turn our really nice (even though the UV effect was surprisingly discreet), I especially love the backside with the motif of the map in big scale!

As for the new meeple pack and the colorblind dice, they look and feel really great! Hopefully everyone will be able to play the game now without any difficulties what so ever!

First game with final components selfie!


Ok, so when will all of this reach backers!? Like I wrote earlier in the comment section; the production unfortunately took some extra time as we ran into some hurdles and had to remake the box to fit everything, and remake the clear dice and the led marker, which caused a 3 week delay. But we’re told the shipment will finally head out from China on October 1st now, so the goods should arrive in our warehouse early November. Once we receive it we will kick things off immediately and start shipping out to everybody! So the vast majority should expect to see it arriving before the end of November!


As for Essen pickups, we will airship a very small portion to the fair, to have available for backers who’ve chosen the pickup delivery option (booth 5-J109), and have what’s left on sale to cover the cost of the booth and the airship freight. For pickup at Dice Café in Stockholm, Sweden, we’ll send out a mail notification to everyone it concerns once available in early November!

Can’t wait to get it out to you all! The expansions is definitely a massive boost for the game!


The Kickstarter for our upcoming game, the henchmen simulator Goons, was funded in August and now we’ve opened up late pledging for everyone that missed out! Definitely feel very welcome to check it out!

All the very best!