Hundreds of fish species are today critically endangered. To make a difference, The Hidden Ark initiative was formed. An alliance of science groups coming together from all over the world, dedicated to make a change and save species from complete extinction.

The obstacles are plenty and fundings will be hard to come by. Research and expert knowledge in different areas will be needed, as well as an infrastructure around the world and coordinated rescue operations on the vast oceans. Are you up for the task?

Hidden Ark is a board game about making a change! As one of the Hidden Ark science teams, you’re committed to the rescue cause and will lead your team to be as successful as possible!

You will build science stations, send out your vessels on rescue operations, and evolve your expertise in different fields.

In the game, the players will draft opportunity tokens supplying them with different research studies, funding and technological upgrades!

They will then choose an action row on their player board and perform all available actions!

Actions include building science stations or rescue vessels, researching different areas of science, upgrading your player board, and moving your vessels to perform rescue operations!

Throughout the game you will increase your research abilities, expand your armada of rescue vessels and science stations, and upgrade your Player Board with new abilities to make your action rows even more powerful!

The game ends when there are no more opportunity tokens to draft, and the player with the most victory points from cards, upgrades, awards, science stations & rescue vessels, will win the game!