You’ve finally found a way in, to the home of the spirits and the fae, the Betwixt and Between… A tangled and uncharted web of strange places, where most peculiar creatures dwell. Be wary; this land is steeped in ancient magic, and you’re far from alone here…

In Betwixt and Between, the players will take on the roles of mystics, having found their way into this strange land to explore and harness its magical essence.

Throughout the game players will unfold their mystics’ story by drafting exploration cards that determine what they discover and might encounter.

Players must cleverly combine card placement with character movement to create dynamic combinations in order to interact with the otherworldly beings and absorb magic.

The players build on their magic weave to uphold spells that evolve their mystic with new abilities and points.

The game ends after three rounds, after which players will total their points for Spells and for participating in Rites.

Only the most cunning and skilled Mystic wins the game!